Studio Lucifer aims to design lamps and shape meaningful light by using its true potential. Little is known about the true potential of light to the average consumer but light has a large impact on their lives. It not only affects the way they perceive their surroundings but also has a huge physiological impact. We want to improve the consumer’s life by ‘unlocking’ this potential through products that provide quality lighting and innovative interactions. Lighting technology went through a tremendous change in the past few years, however the light switch that was designed in 1884 has remained the same to this date. Nowadays there is much more to light than a single on/off switch can control. We envision a future in which the user has more knowledge and control over their lighting through a richer yet simple interaction.


The name of the studio originates from the dutch word 'lucifer' which means 'matchstick'. Eindhoven is called the city of light because of its history related to their matchstick factories. Nowadays, Eindhoven is well known for companies such as Philips and for being a center of knowledge and design.

In our studio we put a lot of emphesis on interaction design. One of the oldest interactions with light is creating fire. Therefore, this origin of interacting with light is embedded in our company in the way of a 'lucifer'. We are also well aware of the fact that Lucifer is also a biblical character; it is the bringer of light and therefore also fits this context.


we just did, didn't we


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